IFF invitation for EOI

International Feldenkrais Federation

Invitation for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from individuals to form a Task Group to examine Integrated professional Entry Standards

July 21 2014
There are currently several related projects designed to clarify what Feldenkrais practitioners need to know and to demonstrate.
It is widely acknowledged that these skills might be the basis for developing Feldenkrais Professional Training Programmes and assuring international equivalency. It is clearly the wish of the international community to share core training practice and outcomes.
None of the developers has the responsibility or jurisdiction to create an “International Standard”. The IFF is a suitable forum for Feldenkrais Associations to discuss and develop an International understanding.
At the IFF Assembly meeting in May 2014 a motion was crafted that seeks members’ agreement for the the IFF host a Task Group to integrate the Standards being developed which relate to the Education to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner. The motion was passed unanimously by postal ballot.

The IFF delegates authority to 4 people (Corinna Eikmeier, Eric Kiernan, Rob Black,& Karine Egault) to meet as an Appointment Group with the task of calling for expressions of interest, and selecting a group of people with the relevant skills to carry out this task.

Participant requirements
A culturally and geographically diverse group who all have an appreciation of Competencies, Constructive Alignment of Learning
Objectives, Learning Activities and Assessment criteria. The task group should be comprised of at least FIVE people
● one person with expertise in the writing of learning outcomes and assessment processes
● one experienced practitioner
● one person with facilitation skills who will facilitate the process of the group
● one experienced Educational Director
● one Training organiser

Tasks and Timeline
● Group appointed by September 30 2014.
● Expressions of interest in by August 31 2014.
● Commence tasks October 2014.

Stage 1
● Identify relevant input and call for input from wider community. Establish and maintain two way communication between relevant groups.
● Draft an interim report by March 30th 2015 which summarises individual contributions and identifies
❖ main project issues,
❖ shared points of agreement,
❖ areas of potential differences and
❖ possible gaps.
● Summary report of responses distributed to stakeholders at IFF Assembly 2015 to allow discussion on next steps.
● Report will focus on competencies, learning outcomes and assessment. [We note that learning activities are the
responsibility of the Educational Director and Trainers.] The Report will be distributed to stakeholders and available on the IFF website for community comment.

Stage 2 (tentative)
Depending on the outcomes of Stage 1, Stage 2 may involve the same group coordinating a consensus approach to the development of an integrated set of professional entry standards to the Feldenkrais profession. Such a document would be at most a suggestion. The governing bodies retain the right to change Training Policy.
A Reference group for support and clarification will consist of the initial appointment group and an IFF board member.

Applicant’s Response ­ one pager Position on Task Group
Name of Applicant
Country in which you live
Which Guild are you a member of?
Short Biography which focusses on learning outcomes and assessment.

Please send applications to Eric Kiernan at president@feldenkrais.org.au by August 31 2014.